Council Meetings

Council Meetings Planner (January - December 2014)
2014 Committee Council CDAP
January21st January28th January23rd January
February11th February18th February20th February
March11th March18th March20th March
April8th April15th April17th April
May13th May20th May15th May
June10th June17th June19th June
July8th July15th July17th July
August12th August19th August21st August
September9th September16th September18th September
October14th October21st October16th October
November11th November18th November20th November
December9th December16th December18th December
Ordinary Meetings of Council
Council has determined that Ordinary Meetings of council will be held on the third Tuesday each month, in the council chamber, Civic Centre, 10 Watson Terrace, Mount Gambier, commencing at 6:00pm unless otherwise amended or altered by council.
Standing Committee Meetings
Council has determined that Ordinary Meetings of Standing Committees be held on the Tuesday evening the week preceding each week of the Council meeting, as follows: Corporate and Community Services Committee - 6:00pm Operational Services Committee - 7:30am Unless otherwise amended or altered by Council or the relevant Standing Committee.
Council Development Assessment Panel
Membership of the Council Development Assesment Panels is made up of four independent Members with an independent member being the Presiding Member (appointed by council) and three Elected Members of Council, making a total of seven Members on the Panel. The Council Development Assesment Panel determines its own meeting practices and procedures and acts independently of Council. The Council Development Assessment Panel holds its meetings on every third Thursday of the month, in the Council Chamber at the City of Mount Gambier, 10 Watson Terrace, Mount Gambier commencing at 5.45 p.m. (unless otherwise determined). Council can not influence or overturn any decisions made by the Council Development Assesment Panel. It should be noted that actual decisions/determinations made by the Panel are undertaken 'In Confidence'. Agendas of all meetings are placed on public display no less than three clear days prior to meetings with minutes on display within five days after a meeting.
Councils Decision Making StructureCouncil Development Assessment Panel Code of ConductOther Council Committees

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