Council would like to announce that the design plans for a proposed Enclosed Off-Leash Dog Park are now open for public comment, until Monday 23rd February, 2015.

Dog parks provide a space for exercising and socialising dogs in a safe and controlled environment for the benefit of both owners and their dogs. Research indicates that physically and mentally active and well socialised dogs are less likely to behave in an aggressive or annoying manner (e.g. excessive barking).

Enclosed dog parks provide a secure environment where dog owners can exercise their pets off-leash without needing to be concerned about traffic and other activities. This traffic free environment also creates a safe open space for young families, elderly or disabled persons. Dog parks are an affordable recreational activity which encourages socialising between members of the community, reducing isolation of vulnerable populations and encourages responsible dog ownership. Dog parks provide a space for both pets and owners to exercise which can influence many postivie health benefits.

The design plans for the Enclosed Off-Leash Dog Park at Hastings Cunningham Reserve are on public display in the Civic Centre, 10 Watson Terrace, Mount Gambier or can be viewed at the link below.

Should you have any queries, or require additional information please contact Council's Community Health Officer, Kate Fife on (08) 8721 2530.