Fire Permits

Fire Permits

The fire season starts on Tuesday November 22nd, 2016. After this date you are required to have a permit from Council before you burn.

To obtain a permit an Authorised Officer is required to inspect the property of the proposed burn and access the permit application to ensure that:

  •  He/she is satisfied that the lighting and maintaining of the fire is, in all circumstances of the case, justified; and
  • That adequate precaution will be taken to prevent the spread of fire.

Once satisfied the Authorised Officer will issue you a permit and inform you of a permit number and will subsequently send you a copy of the permit.  The conditions that must be complied with are included in the permit.  Burning off times are 10am to 3pm Monday to Saturday.

The General Inspectors conduct inspections of properties for inflammable undergrowth as part of the Fire and Emergency Services Act.  Long grass notices will be issued to comply with the Act in late November. 

If you detect long grass on properties, or have further questions regarding fire permits, please contact the General Inspectors on (08) 8721 2555.

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