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Recreation and Sports Major Capital Works Program

As a general rule, it should be for projects with a minimum total project cost of $10,000. Preference will be given to applications which can demonstrate a high incidence of self help as evidenced by matching funds or significant in kind contributions by the organisation, towards the project.

The applicant's contributions for this purpose may include cash from the organisation's own resources, grants or funds from sponsors or other sources or in kind support in the form of labour or services. If the applicant's contribution includes a grant from another source, the applicant must provide evidence that the grant has been awarded or confirmed with an application under this program.

Please refer to the Program guidelines for further more detailed information including:

  • Types of Projects eligible for Program Funding,
  • What is not eligible for Program Funding,
  • Who can apply for Program Funding, and
  • Payment Conditions of Grants.

Sport And Recreation Major Capital Works Program 2017 2018 Application Form

Sport And Recreation Major Capital Works Program 2017 2018 Guidelines

Sport And Recreation Major Capital Works Program 

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