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Works in Progress

The City of Mount Gambier outdoor staff will be working in the following areas in the coming week:
  • James Street – footpath maintenance and ramp construction
  • Ibis Street – footpath construction
  • Canavan Road – footpath ramp construction
  • Commercial Street West – kerb and channel reconstruction

Road Closures

The following roads will be closed to vehicle traffic on Tuesday 27 August 2019 for the 2019 Tour of the Great South Coast.

From 10:15am to 12:30pm:

  • Commercial Street West, between Victoria Terrace and Wehl Street North
  • Wehl Street North, between Commercial Street and Wyatt Street
  • Eglington Terrace, between Wehl Street North and Victoria Terrace
  • Victoria Terrace, between Eglington Terrace and Commercial Street West

From 12:30pm to 4:00pm:

  • John Watson Drive, entire length of road around Blue Lake
  • Bay Road, between John Watson Drive and O’Halloran Terrace
  • O’ Halloran Terrace in its entirety
  • Wehl Street South, between O’Halloran Terrace and Lake Terrace West
  • Lake Terrace West, between Wehl Street South and Bay Road

Project Briefs

Location: Ibis street (Lorikeet Street to Jay Street)

Project Description: Concrete footpath construction on southern side

Project Category

☐ Road construction / road maintenance

☒ Footpath construction / footpath maintenance

☐ Road bitumen sealing

☐ Stormwater drainage constructions / maintenance

☐ Tree removal / planting / maintenance

Commencement date 5/08/2019

Completion date 23/08/2019

Impact on public

☒ Footpath closure only

Contact Officer: Chris Habets 0439 682 507

Public notification undertaken

☒ Letterbox drop

☒ Council website

☒ The Border Watch Weekly Affairs column

Other comments

These works are part of the capital works program.

The following projects have field work currently in progress:

Commenced tasks% Completed
Railway Station refurbishment – urgent works75%
Rail Trail shared path construction (Jubilee Highway West to Wandilo Road)55%
Kennedy Avenue kerbing and road widening works60%
Melaleuca Shade structure60%
James Street changing places / toilet facility80%
Bishop Road – Kennedy Avenue staggered T junction preliminary works10%
Crouch Street South footpath construction40%
Street tree program40%
Ibis Street footpath construction10%
Kain Street tree removal / planting and road construction10%
Completed tasks
Pinehall Avenue footpath construction
Crouch Street North - Wireless Road East drainage construction