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Bins and Collection

Residents who have subscribed to the green organics bin service are able to place food scraps into their green organics bin. This food can be thrown directly into the bin or placed in a kitchen caddy. In 2016 Council provided 2000 kitchen caddies and compostable kitchen caddy bags to residents to encourage greater diversion of food waste from landfill. For information about where to purchase additional kitchen caddies or compostable kitchen caddy bags (compostable - NOT degradable or biodegradable) please refer to the following links or contact Council.

Online purchase:

Local purchase from: Banner, Bunnings, Woolworths, Coles, Ecologie Organics.

Household waste bin (red lid / sticker)

Red Bin Sticker Landfill Waste Rubbish Logo

Blue recycling bin (yellow lid / sticker)

Yellow Bin Sticker Recycling Logo

Green organics bin (green lid / sticker)

Green Bin Sticker Organics Greenwaste Updated Logo


To make sure your bins are collected by Council, please ensure that:

  • There is one metre space between bins placed at the kerbside, as waste collectors' need to be able to pick bins up and place them down again.
  • Always put bins out with handles facing the house.
  • Do not place bins under trees that have overhanging branches, or behind parked cars.
  • Do not overfill your bins. Make sure your bins are free from contamination. If your bins contain contaminated materials they will not be emptied.
  • Place your bins on the kerbside by 6am on collection days.

There will be no collections on Good Friday or Christmas Day. These collections will be on the closest working day before Good Friday and the day after Christmas Day on these holidays. Notification of dates will be placed in the local media and on Council's Facebook page.

When you change residence, your recycling bin (blue bin 240L) and household waste bin (green bin 140L) must be left with the property. The green organics bin (green bin 240L) belongs to the property owner. If you own the property you can take the bin with you when you move.

Some repairs can be made to damaged bins. Please contact Council on (08) 8721 2555 for an inspection or assessment to be made of your damaged bin.

Bins that are stolen or vandalised are the responsibility of the ratepayer to replace. If your bin is stolen, please contact Council to arrange payment for a replacement bin.

For all enquiries regarding kerbside collection services please contact Council on (08) 8721 2555 (Option 1).

Greenwaste FAQ

The Organic Greenwaste service if an optional service. You are required to activate this Organic Greenwaste collection service by attending the Council Office and purchasing a tag, (and/or bin if required).

Yes. Unlike the recycling and garbage bins, (that are owned by Council and remain with your property), the Greenwaste Bin is yours to keep and you can take it with you when you move if you wish.

The fees for a Greenwaste Tag are based upon financial year and is applied on a pro-rata basis. Therefore, you will only ever pay from the date of your first collection until 30 June of that year.

Yes. All Greenwaste Tags from previous years are to be removed. In the event that there are numerous tags on bins, the truck drivers may physically remove expired tags.

Your Greenwaste Bin is collected fortnightly, alternating with your Recycling Bin. Your general rubbish bin is collected weekly. (Refer to website or obtain collection calendar from Council).

You can place food scraps, cut flowers, leaves, small prunings, lawn clippings, weeds and small twigs / branches (no bigger than 15cm in diameter) in your Greenwaste Bin.

You cannot place plastic bags, painted or treated timber, stones, rocks, bricks, rubble, recyclables, dirt, soil, sand, gardening tools, irrigation hoses, and plastic pots or trays into your Greenwaste Bin. (Refer to website or Council’s ‘What to Recycle and Where’).

Yours bins are required to be placed on the kerbside by 6:00am on your collection day.

If your bin was not collected, please advise Council immediately. Your bin will be collected within two business days.

If your bin is damaged, please contact Council and repairs will be carried out free of charge within 5 business days. If your bin is missing, please check neighbouring properties and reserves. If the bin cannot be located, a fee will be charged for a new bin which Council will deliver to you.