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Park and Stride

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The Park and Stride campaign is about encouraging people to park in an off street car park within the Mount Gambier city centre and walk to do their small shopping trips.

Park and Stride FAQ

There are many reasons why parking off-street and walking for small shopping trips is good for the community:

• Walking is good for people’s health
• Walking is good for the local economy
• Walking is better for the local environment

The overall aim of the project is to promote a healthy lifestyle, but the program realises a number of other significant benefits including:

• time for shoppers to stop and look in shops (and hopefully spend); 
• less cars competing for on street parking - leading to safer driving conditions and less congestion; 
• less fuel being used.

A "small shopping trip" is a trip where you intend to go to two or more shops, and purchase items that can be easily carried in one or two carry bags. Park & Stride is not about shopping for bulky items, or your weekly grocery shop. It is also only about encouraging people to walk who are physically able to walk a moderate distance.

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