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Waste and Recycling


Buy fresh food without packaging, or grow your own!


Drink more tap or tank water and cut down on bottled drinks.


Use egg cartons as biodegradable seed pots.


Put plastic containers, paper, cardboard, glass jars and aluminium cans in your household Recycling Bin.

Illegal dumping costs the community and the environment. The EPA have established a new unit to investigate illegal dumping, they will be watching!

Illegal Dumping

Green Industries SA

Zero Waste SA YouTube Channel

Recycling and Disposal

All of Mount Gambier’s kerbside recycling goes to the Green Triangle Recyclers facility in Mount Gambier where it is sorted into different categories – paper, cardboard, metal, glass, PET plastic (#1), HDPE plastic (#2) etc. The materials are baled and then sent to other facilities to be turned into new products. The recycling industry is an open market, where recycling processors sell their material where they can get the highest price. Here are some examples of what happens to Mount Gambier’s recycling:

• Cardboard and mixed paper are sent to facilities in Victoria and New South Wales where they are turned into new recycled paper products.

• Newspaper is sent to Adelaide where it’s turned into kitty litter.

• PET plastic (#1) is sent to Sydney where it’s turned into plastic bottles.

• HDPE plastic (#2) is sent to Moama NSW where it’s turned into drainage pipes.

Only contamination from recycling bins is sent to landfill. This highlights the importance of making sure you don’t contaminate your recycling bin. For further information view these videos.

Residents who use needles / syringes and other forms of sharps in the home, in the course of administering medication, are able to obtain sharps containers from Council (a small fee applies).

The City of Mount Gambier Library runs a free recycling program for all domestic and household batteries. The battery recycling boxes are located near the self check out stations. Types of batteries which can be recycled at this location include nickel cadmium, alkaline, AA, AAA and 6V batteries.

Unwanted or damaged mobile phones, batteries and mobile accessories from private individuals can be dropped off at the designated collection boxes located at the City of Mount Gambier Library or in the Civic Centre, free of charge. Mobile Muster provide other drop off locations within Mount Gambier.

Mobile Muster

Unwanted X-Ray films from private individuals can now be dropped off for secure disposal and treatment at the City of Mount Gambier Library, free of charge.

The Planet Ark website contains information about online forums for finding, giving, swapping or selling pre-loved items.

Giving, Receiving, Swapping or Selling Online