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Bins and Collection

Kerbside collection service

The City of Mount Gambier has a three bin kerbside collection system consisting of a general waste bin (green with red lid), recycling bin (blue with yellow lid) and a FOGO (food organics/garden organics) bin (green with lime green lid).

Each property is issued with a general waste bin and recycling bin, while the FOGO service is on an opt-in basis. Initially this attracted an additional fee to ensure only those who required the service paid for it, however from 1 July 2020 there is no additional fee for this service. Households wishing to opt-in to the service simply need to call Council on 8721 2555 to purchase the bin (one-off payment).

The general waste bin is collected weekly, while the recycling and FOGO bins are collected fortnightly on a rotational basis. Access the kerbside calendar below to find out the collection days for your neighbourhood.

Kitchen caddies

Residents who are subscribed to the green waste/FOGO (food organics, garden organics) service are encouraged to place food scraps into their green organics bin. This food can be thrown directly into the bin or placed in a kitchen caddy. Each household that opts into the FOGO service will receive a free kitchen caddy and compostable kitchen caddy bags to encourage greater diversion of food waste from landfill.

Rolls of compostable kitchen caddy bags are available at most major supermarkets including Woolworths and Coles and hardware stores or online. Bags must be labelled compostable, not biodegradable.

Kerbside collection FAQs

To make sure your bins are collected by Council, please ensure that:

  • There is one metre space between bins placed at the kerbside, as waste collectors' need to be able to pick bins up and place them down again.
  • Always put bins out with handles facing the house.
  • Do not place bins under trees that have overhanging branches, or behind parked cars.
  • Do not overfill your bins. Make sure your bins are free from contamination. If your bins contain contaminated materials they will not be emptied.
  • Place your bins on the kerbside by 6am on collection days.

Your bins must be placed on the kerbside by no later than 6:00am on your collection day.

Where possible, residents are asked to put bins out the night before collection day.

If your bin was not collected on the appropriate day please advise Council by phone on 8721 2555 or email

Please note that sometimes the trucks can run late and residents are asked not to phone before 3:00pm on their collection day to advise of a missed bin.

If your bin is damaged, please contact Council on 8721 2555 or email so that inspection/repairs can be carried out. If your bin is missing, please check neighbouring properties and reserves. If the bin cannot be located, a fee will be charged for a new bin which Council will deliver to you.

There will be no collections on Good Friday or Christmas Day. Notification of alternative collection day will be available in the local newspaper/s and on the City of Mount Gambier Facebook page. Collections on all other public holidays will be as normal, unless otherwise notified.

When you change residence, your recycling bin (blue bin 240L) and household waste bin (green bin 140L) must be left with the property. The green organics bin (green bin 240L) belongs to the property owner. If you own the property you can take the bin with you when you move.

Some repairs can be made to damaged bins. Please contact Council on (08) 8721 2555 for an inspection or assessment to be made of your damaged bin.

Bins that are stolen or vandalised are the responsibility of the ratepayer to replace. If your bin is stolen, please contact Council to arrange payment for a replacement bin.

For all enquiries regarding kerbside collection services please contact Council on (08) 8721 2555 or email


The FOGO bin is an optional service. You are required to activate this service by purchasing the appropriate bin from Council (once-off payment). If you already have a suitable bin (240L with lime green lid) simply place your bin kerbside from 6:00am on collection day. From 1 July 2020 tags are no longer required as there is no additional cost for this service.

Phone Council to arrange over the phone on 8721 2555 or come in during opening hours to pay the one-off fee.

Your FOGO bin is collected fortnightly, alternating with your recycling bin. Your general rubbish bin is collected weekly. (Refer to above collection calendar).

Lawn clippings, garden prunings, twigs, leaves, small branches, food scraps, tissues and paper towel and items marked ‘compostable’ such as takeaway containers and coffee cups are just some examples of items that can be disposed of through the FOGO bin.

For more information, see:

Remember, if it didn’t grow, it doesn’t go in your FOGO bin.

You cannot place plastic bags, painted or treated timber, stones, rocks, bricks, rubble, recyclables, dirt, soil, sand, gardening tools, irrigation hoses, and plastic pots or trays into your FOGO bin.

All items must be compostable (not just biodegradable).

Refer to Council's 'What to Recycle Where' guide here.

Council’s most recent bin audit indicated that household general waste bins contain more than 44% green waste/food waste that could be disposed of through the green waste service. Through use of the green waste bin for garden waste and food waste households are anticipated to see a reduction in the volume of material in their general waste bins. Garden and food waste disposed of through the green waste bin can then be processed through a commercial composting process and turned into valuable alternate material such as fertiliser.

Watch this short video for more information about the process.

Households are entitled to one kitchen caddy per FOGO subscription. If you have not received a kitchen caddy for your household previously please contact Council to arrange. New subscribers will be provided with a kitchen caddy with delivery of their new 240L bin.

Rolls of compostable kitchen caddy bags are available at most major supermarkets including Woolworths and Coles and hardware stores such as Bunnings and online at

Bags must be labelled compostable, not biodegradable.

If you are currently receiving a kerbside collection service from City of Mount Gambier you will be eligible for a FOGO service at no additional cost (excluding initial bin purchase).

Sending waste to landfill is over four times the price of sending organic waste to commercial composting. Thus putting your food waste and garden waste in the FOGO bin instead of general waste bin will save the community money. One of the many costs associated with sending waste to landfill is a State Government levy of $70 per tonne. Sending organics to commercial composting does not attract a levy. When buried in landfill organic matter emits harmful greenhouse gases, and also creates leachate – both have the potential to pollute the environment. By putting your organics in the FOGO bin you are helping the environment.

Household waste bin (red lid / sticker)

Red Bin Sticker Landfill Waste Rubbish Logo

Blue recycling bin (yellow lid / sticker)

Yellow Bin Sticker Recycling Logo

FOGO bin (lime green lid / sticker)

Green Bin Sticker Organics Greenwaste Updated Logo