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Our People

City of Mount Gambier Values

City of Mount Gambier staff have identified core values to influence how the organisation works together to establish and maintain a positive culture and ensure the delivery of actions outlined within the 2020 - 2024 Strategic Plan.

• We embrace continuous learning and strive to innovate and implement best practices within local government.
• We feel safe to challenge the status quo and take healthy risks.
• We consider different points of view and we use these points of difference to inform our decisions.
• We use our expertise to inspire and lead by example, with a focus on flexibility.
• We welcome opportunities for personal and community growth.


• We respect and take the time to understand the people we work and live with, including their diverse backgrounds and experiences.
• We are united in being responsive to the needs of our community.
• We are informed by all levels of community, with a local, regional, national and global outlook.
• We communicate openly and honestly with each other and our community.
• We listen and seek input and feedback to ensure inclusivity and build trust.


• We work together to follow through on our commitments.
• We value and acknowledge contributions from our people, our stakeholders and our community and take pride in the services we deliver.
• We plan to ensure resources are used effectively to deliver sustainable outcomes.
• We are accountable and ensure quality outcomes by taking the time to reflect, learn and celebrate success.