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The City of Mount Gambier has identified seven Historic (Conservation) Policy Areas. The Planning and Design Code, which is available through the PlanSA website contains detailed maps and planning guidelines in relation to each Historic (Conservation) Policy Areas.

Council continues to support and offer a Heritage Advisory Service to City residents.

The objectives of the service are to:

  • Provide for the proper care and management of heritage places,
  • Create and promote a local awareness and responsibility for the care of heritage places, and
  • Provide a service which encourages and assists property owners to take care of their heritage places on a voluntary basis, thereby developing a positive community view of heritage conservation.

Heritage Places

The South East Heritage Adviser works closely and collaboratively with Council's Regulatory Services Division to:

  • Provide advice on the development of heritage places to both Council and property owners,
  • Provide advice on assessment of development applications,
  • Provide advice on the development of conservation and interpretation strategies,
  • Provide advice in respect of historic townscapes and streetscapes,
  • Provide advice on development of Council Policies,
  • Provide advice on funding and incentives,
  • Participation with the City of Mount Gambier Heritage Advisory Group, and
  • Promotion of heritage within the community.

The heritage advisory service is free of charge and available to the public once a month (unless otherwise determined).

Appointments may be made by phoning (08) 8721 2555.

The self-guided walking tour visits 32 of Mount Gambier's oldest buildings, all are either State Heritage listed or of Local Heritage significance. Each building is identified by an historic bollard, providing information about the relevant building.