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Road Closures

City of Mount Gambier advises of the following upcoming road closures:


I, Christopher Drew Holland, Senior Sergeant of Police, for, and on behalf of the Commissioner of Police, exercise the authority delegated by the Minister for Transport under Section 11 Road Traffic Act, and make the following order under Section 33 of the Act

I declare that ‘Cave Garden/Thugi and South Australian Police Band Concert’ is an event to which this section applies and that the following road be closed to traffic on Friday 10 February 2023 between 3.00 pm and 8.30pm:

Within the City of Mount Gambier council area: - Watson Terrace, Mount Gambier in its entirety.

I direct that persons taking part in the ‘Cave Garden/Thugi and South Australian Police Band Concert’ on the above road be exempted from all Australian Road Rules relating to pedestrian behaviour on roads.

I also hereby authorise City of Mount Gambier or its agents and contractors to install and remove, or cause the installation and removal of necessary and appropriate traffic control devices for the conduct of this event.

S/SGT 36182
For and on behalf of COMMISSIONER OF POLICE 2 February 2023.
(PCO 2002/0001)