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Do you really need a car?

The Park and Stride campaign is about encouraging people to park in an off street car park within the Mount Gambier city centre and walk to do their small shopping trips.

For more information see Park and Stride

If you're thinking of getting a car the first thing to do is to ask yourself a few questions:

  • Do you really need a car?
  • Does your existing car still work if it's maintained properly?
  • If you live in town could you manage with just one car instead of two? (check out the map below that highlights distances from the city centre)
  • Could you walk, ride or catch the bus instead?
  • If you need a vehicle of some kind could you manage with a bike, electric bike, electric scooter, moped, hybrid car, small car?

The RAA estimates that a car can cost over $17,000 per year to run. See their operating costs information RAA Vehicle Running Costs.

If you really do need a car check out the RAA website, but also have a look at Green Vehicle Guide it rates cars based on their environmental performance. Use this to compare your options.

Bike Lanes & Paths Map 2016