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Regional Landscape Levy

The Regional Landscape Levy (previously the NRM land levy) is a State Government imposed levy which funds the operations of the Limestone Coast Landscape Board.

South Australian Legislation requires the levy to be collected by Local Government in SA as a separate rate via Council rate notices.

Councils act as a revenue collector only, do not retain any proceeds from the levy, all RL levy revenue is on paid to the LCL Board who determine how the revenue is spent.

For the 2023/2024 financial year the City of Mount Gambier is required, by law to contribute $1,351,252 to the LCL Board.

Council is further required by law to now apply the land levy on the basis for which the land is used ie:
  • Residential, Vacant Land & Other $88.10
  • Commercial $130.10
  • Industrial $210.00
  • Primary Production $385.00

As Council acts as the collection agency only any queries relating to the Regional Landscape levy need to be directed to:

Limestone Coast Landscape Board

11 Helen Street, Mount Gambier SA 5290

Phone: 8429 7550

Limestone Coast Landscape Board website