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Council Assessment Panel

Under Section 83 of the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016, Council must establish a Council Assessment Panel (CAP). The Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016 has determined that all Council Assessment Panels must be comprised of not more than five members - one of which is an Elected Member of the Council and four whom are independent (meaning that they are not Elected Members of the Council or Members of State Parliament). The CAP operates in accordance with its Terms of Reference and meeting procedures (refer to link below).

The primary role of CAP is to determine whether or not to grant Development Plan Consent for development applications under the Development Act 1993. The CAP makes its decisions in accordance with the provision contained within the Mount Gambier (City) Development Plan. Council cannot influence or overturn any decision made by the CAP.

In addition to its statutory role, the CAP is able to provide advice to Council in regard to development trends, planning issues or other matters that have become apparent through its consideration of development applications.

Membership of the CAP, including the appointment of the CAP Presiding Member (who must be an independent member), is decided by Council.

Selection for membership to the CAP is based on:

  • the candidate’s knowledge of the operation and requirements of the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act and, and during transition to this Act, the requirements of the Development Act 1993;
  • in relation to Independent Members, the candidate’s qualifications or experience in a field that is relevant to the activities of the CAP;
  • in relation to the Council Member, the candidate’s experience in local government; that a balance of qualifications and experience among CAP members is desirable;
  • that gender diversity among CAP members is desirable;
  • such other matters as the Council considers relevant.

The Council Assessment Panel meets on the third Thursday of each month at the City of Mount Gambier Council Chamber, 10 Watson Terrace Mount Gambier, commencing at 5:45pm (unless otherwise determined).