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Waste and Resource Recovery Strategy

Waste management is a core service provided by Council, and one of its most significant areas of operation. It is a service that can easily be taken for granted but is one that requires substantial effort and investment.

Council not only runs the collection service for the three kerbside bins – general waste, FOGO (food organics garden organics) and recycling – it also owns and operates Caroline Landfill, the Waste Transfer Station and the ReUse Market.

In 2020 the South Australian Government released the South Australia Waste Strategy 2020-2025. It requires all SA regional local government areas and/or regional city clusters to have waste management plans in place by 2023. The plans are required to set regionally appropriate and progressive waste diversion targets.

The City of Mount Gambier Waste and Resource Strategy 2023-2030 articulates a vision and target for our waste and resource recovery operations. It also outlines objectives and high level priority actions which provide a framework for achievable local solutions to enhance service delivery, manage costs and drive innovation in resource recovery. The implementation will support local jobs and the local circular economy. The intention of this document is to be high level and complementary to the more detailed Waste and Resource Recovery Masterplan.