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Public Roads and Footpaths

Busking on Council land

An Application for a Busking Permit can be obtained from Council, or downloaded below and must be submitted with valid photo identification. There is no fee payable.

A Busking Permit issued by Council only allows you to busk on Council land. If you wish to busk at local supermarkets, shopping centres or other privately owned properties permission must be sought from store / centre management.

No permit will be granted to a child under the age of 12. A busking permit may be issued to a parent or guardian on behalf of a child that is aged under 16, but we need written consent from parent or guardian. Any permit granted to a parent or guardian on behalf of a child, is only valid during the daylight hours in which the child is not required to attend school in accordance with the Education Act 1972. The parent or guardian, to whom a permit has been issued on behalf of a child, must accompany the child at all times whilst the child performs.