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Sustainable Living

These inspiring stories will not only teach you how to live the life you want to, but will demonstrate that local people are already taking action ... and it's not that hard!

Smart Living

Living sustainably is not only good for the environment, it's good for the hip-pocket!

A car can cost anywhere from $6,400 to $17,400 per year to run. Put this money in your pocket and ride or walk around town instead!

The average South Australian household spends over $1,500 a year on electricity and almost $700 on gas. Improve the energy efficiency of your home and save!

The average Australian household spends over $10,000 a year on food. Save money and grow your own!

The average South Australian household spends over $1,000 a year on water. Improve the water efficiency of your home and save!

For more information on rebates and government assistance with sustainability Your Energy Savings

If you're renovating or building a new home make sure you do it sustainably. Not only will you be looking after the environment, you'll also be ensuring that your home is cheaper to run, more comfortable to live in, and has a better market value.

When designing your home be sure to consider the particulars of the location, as well as the climate. Think about whether you will heat or cool your house more. Most people in Mount Gambier actively heat their homes a lot more than they actively cool. Where possible incorporate flexible features that can respond to the variety of the weather within seasons, features such as external blinds rather than fixed eaves.

Your Home Design Guide

This project involves leaving temperature loggers in various rooms within a variety of houses to test how they perform in the Mount Gambier climate in terms of energy efficiency. Over the past few years the loggers have been placed in a variety of houses including (Old) Limestone, Timber (Log Cabin style), Brick Veneer (1990s), Rammed Earth and Mixed Materials houses. Data has been downloaded and Final Reports prepared for the two years, they can be accessed by clicking on the links below.

Efficient Homes Project - Final Report

Efficient Homes Project 2013-2014 Final Report