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Household Waste

Waste is something that is no longer useful or wanted, that can’t be reused, recovered, recycled or composted in any way. These items will end up being sent to landfill.

Once in landfill these resources are lost and and will take a very long time to break down, if ever. If organic material, such as food end up in landfill, it rots creating methane which is a harmful greenhouse gas.

All of the items that we use and consume; eg. cars, buildings, clothes, food, containers, and furniture, are made from our environment and use natural resources like water, coal, oil or wood. If these products aren’t reused or recycled and sent to landfill, then new material has to come from our environment to create new products. This uses energy, water and other natural resources. Greenhouse gases, which contribute to climate change, are created by the production and transport of materials as well as through rotting organic material in landfill. There is also less and less space available for landfill sites.

Avoiding waste is the best option for the environment, then reducing, reusing and recycling.

Find out which bin an item should go in using Green Industries SA 'which bin?' search engine. Visit the Which Bin website.

Examples of waste include:

Disposable nappies
Disposable masks (cut elastic bands first to avoid impact to wildlife if they escape the bin)
Disposable gloves
Damaged ropes and hoses
Garbage bags
Rags and old fabric
Broken glass and crockery (wrap in newspaper or place in a bag)
Kitty litter crystals
Foam/polystyrene: food trays, cups and packaging.
Note: to prevent polystyrene from becoming lodged and stuck inside the bin, blocking materials from being emptied, please ensure that the polystyrene is placed inside of a plastic bag and broken up into small pieces. Make sure the bag is tied at the top to prevent pieces from falling out and expel any air inside of the bag before sealing it.

General Household Waste

Household waste bin (red lid / sticker)

Red Bin Sticker Landfill Waste Rubbish Logo

My Local Services app

Download the My Local Services app on your smartphone for up-to-date information and events. You can see when Council payments are due, set bin reminders, and get handy recycling tips.

Implementation of the My Local Services App is part of the City of Mount Gambier improving its customer service delivery on a mobile platform.

Download the App

The FREE app can be downloaded on iPhone and Android. Search "My Local Services" in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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