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Waste Transfer Station

Waste Transfer Station

5 Eucalypt Drive
Phone: (08) 8723 9257

Opening hours

Monday to Friday7:30am to 12 Noon
Saturday & Sunday2:00pm to 5:00pm
Public HolidaysClosed

Fees and charges (General public)

Do you have something at home or work that is in good condition that could be reused? Drop it off to the Waste Transfer Station for sale the ReUse Market - useful items in good condition can be dropped off for free.

Charge description Amount $
Single garbage bag$5.50 per bag
Minimum fee (small loads, e.g. car boot)$24.00 per load
Small trailer or utility (standard)$43.00 per load
Small trailer or utility (heaped)$63.00 per load
Small trailer or utility (caged)$83.00 per load
Tandem trailer (standard)$68.00 per load
Tandem trailer (heaped)$90.00 per load
Tandem trailer (caged)$112.00 per load
Truck or large trailer$155.00 per tonne
Mattresses (regardless of size)$28.00 each
Inspection fee - empty pesticide container$7.00 each

On production of seniors card/aged pensioners card/health card

Charge descriptionAmount $
Single garbage bag$4.30 per bag
Limit car boot load only$17.00 per load

Private contractors

Charge descriptionAmount $
Charge per tonne at Waste Transfer Station$155.00 per tonne
Charge per tonne via Waste Transfer Station$150.00 per tonne
Disposal by arrangement (direct to Landfill)$225.00 per tonne
Minimum charge$155.00
Minimum charge for roll on roll off bin (based on volume of bin)$75.00 per m3
Minimum charge for account customers$78.00 per visit

New and Replacement bins/additional bins

Charge descriptionAmount $
New / replacement bins (140L, recycling, organic waste)$73.00
Organic waste service$84.00 per annum

E-Waste recycling

Charge descriptionAmount $
CDs, discs, USBs, calculators etcFree
Compact fluro lights (CFLs)$0.50
Fluro tubes, high density lamps$1.00
Toasters, frypans, lamps etc$6.00
Microwaves, vacuums, DVD players etc$15.00
Medium items$25.00
Extra large items$1.20 per kilo
Television, computers, computer items (mouse, keyboard etc), printers, copiersFree (for Mount Gambier residents and small businesses only)

Fluorescent light globe recycling service

Available at the City of Mount Gambier Waste Transfer Station, 5 Eucalypt Drive, Mount Gambier. Phone: (08) 8723 9257

Charge descriptionAmount $
Larger light globes (i.e. fluorescent tubes and high intensity discharge lamps)$1.00 per item
Small light globes (i.e. compact fluorescent lights and incandescent light globes)50 cent per item

Other Waste collection/ Drop off agents

Envirocycle Scrap metalsMobile: 0427 838 833
Henke’s Scrapmetal and E-Waste (free roadside pickup)Mobile: 0435 355 969
City of Mount Gambier ReUse Market, 3 Eucalypt DrivePhone: 8721 2444

City of Mount Gambier Sort and Save initiative