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Budget consultation now open
The City of Mount Gambier Draft 2022/2023 Annual Business Plan and Budget is now open for community feedback, along with the Draft Long Term Financial Plan and Draft Asset Management Plans 2022-2023.
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Rating Information

In 2021/2022 it is anticipated that 70% or $22,766m of Council’s operating revenue will come from rate revenue. Council’s rating strategy uses a combination of a fixed charge on every rateable property and a differential or variable rating system, based on land use, when calculating general rates.

The fixed charge component of $518.30 for 2021/2022 applies to every rateable property and will raise approximately 37.3% of Council’s gross general rate revenue.

The differential or variable rating component that raises the remainder (62.7%) of Council’s gross general rate revenue is determined by multiplying the individual property value (capital value provided by State Valuation Office) by the differential rate in the dollar adopted for each separate land use category i.e.

  • Residential, Primary Production and Other $0.246165
  • Commercial, Industry and Vacant land $0.664646

Council has determined that it will require an increase in the overall general rate revenue equivalent to 4.5% over the previous year (2020/2021) including the new Waste Service Charge. In 2020/2021 Council did not apply a blanket rate increase due to COVID-19.

As of 1 July, 2021 Council has implemented a Waste Service Charge (WSC) to highlight the cost of waste management on rate notices. It is important to note that this $200 charge is not an additional cost to most ratepayers, as it is already included with the total General Rate Revenue and will be separated out as an additional line.

The WSC will be charged on the basis of the service being available at the property. It will exclude vacant land and primary production where there is no dwelling on the land and will be charged irrespective if the land owner/occupier is using the service or not.

In terms of residential rates, the average residential ratepayer will pay $1,312, an increase over last year of $65.00 per annum equating to $1.25 per week below that of the State Metropolitan Average ($1,662 last year).

The South Australian Local Government Association comparative rates data report (2020/2021) provides the following information on the average residential rates for South Australian Councils:

  • Average for all Metro Councils $1,662
  • Average for all Regional Councils $1,471
  • Average for City of Mount Gambier $1,247

Want to know what you get for your rates? Visit the LGA website.