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Community and Recreation Hub tenancy matters

Community and Recreation Hub tenancy matters
18 September 2019

The site for the new Community and Recreation Hub at Olympic Park, between Margaret Street and O’Halloran Terrace, will require the unavoidable displacement of a number of tenants occupying Council owned assets. As the project has progressed Council now have a clearer understanding of the impact and identified transitional solutions for affected tenants and users.

At its meeting on 17 September 2019 Elected Members endorsed to progress with a complex engagement strategy to work towards transitional solutions for groups who may be impacted by a reconfiguration of tenancies.

It is important to note that Council is committed to working together with these groups in order to achieve an outcome that is as fair and reasonable as possible for all parties.
- Deputy Mayor Sonya Mezinec

A number of solutions to minimise the imposed disruption have been considered and Council’s obligation and priority at this point in time is with the affected parties. Further details will be released in due course as this progresses to a fair and reasonable outcome.

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