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COVID-19 - A message from the Mayor

COVID-19 - A message from the Mayor
26 March 2020

Mayor Lynette Martin OAM

On behalf of my fellow Councillors I would like to assure our community that in this time of unprecedented need Council are taking steps to establish and implement an agile and nimble structure in order to make informed and responsive decisions for the benefit of our community through this difficult journey.

As an elected body we will be meeting frequently to discuss the many challenges that are presented to us each day. We know that there are many people and businesses who are hurting and unfortunately there will be more as we move forward. This crisis we are dealing with is two-fold; it is first and foremost an unparalleled health crisis that is coupled with an economic crisis striking at the very heart of our wellbeing. To reduce the catastrophic outcome for our community will require us to all work together and I know we can. Quite simply, I appeal that you all adhere to the social distancing, hygiene protocols and restrictive measures that have been put in place in order to contain the spread of this virus.

As a Council we are continually reviewing our operations so that we can be available to respond to the many public health and economic issues that we are witnessing emerge within our own community. We are undertaking a significant review of our strategic decisions and projects in order to prepare Council to partner with our community through this difficult time and lead the way toward a strong recovery.

Our primary objective remains to keep our community safe as we try to maintain a level of economic resilience.

Lastly, I urge you to keep abreast of the latest information and announcements regarding COVID-19 at



Media contact: City of Mount Gambier Communications Officer Ashlea Watson on or phone (08) 8721 2577.