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Crater Lakes precinct closed

Crater Lakes precinct closed
28 January 2022

The Crater Lakes area will remain closed to ensure public safety for at least another week as damage and hazard assessment begins following a grass and scrub fire which began burning early on Tuesday morning 25 January 2022 and was contained by Wednesday afternoon 26 January 2022.

The Crater Lakes precinct was returned to the care and control of Council on Thursday afternoon 27 January 2022. However, the Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) will continue to monitor the area in the coming days to extinguish smouldering vegetation as required.

The Valley Lakes, Centenary Tower, the back section of Carinya Gardens Cemetery, Potters Point, Marist Park, Leg of Mutton and all associated Crater Lakes walking trails remain closed while the area is under initial assessment.

“Hot spots, smouldering ground vegetation, burning trees and falling trees still pose a significant risk to the public and we need to assess the area and make sure it is safe before we can open areas up for public use once again,” City of Mount Gambier CEO Sarah Philpott said.

“While the Valley Lake, Leg of Mutton and Marist Park were largely unaffected by the fire, these areas must remain closed in the first instance as they are interconnected to the walking/bike trails that were damaged by the fire.”

Once the first stage of the damage and risk assessment is complete, Council will gradually release safe zones for public use.

Funerals will recommence at Carinya Gardens Cemetery on Saturday 29 January 2022 and people are currently permitted to visit grave sites.

“We ask that all those who visit the cemetery adhere to the signage and keep well away from areas affected by the fire.”

Road access on Grant Avenue has resumed and the speed limit has been reduced.

“Please abide by the signage on the road and look out for any birds and wildlife in the area as you travel along the road.”

City of Mount Gambier Mayor Lynette Martin commended the community for adhering to directions from Council and emergency services in response to the fire.

“The Crater Lakes area is a much loved community space and we understand our residents concern for the impact the fire had on our beautiful State Heritage Area,” Mayor Martin said.

“We are so fortunate that the fire did not result in loss of life or property and I thank residents for their patience and ongoing support in remaining away from the area as the important assessment work now progresses.”

Media contact: City of Mount Gambier Media and Communications Coordinator Sharny McLean on 8721 2401 or