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Dog and cat registration due for renewal

Dog and cat registration due for renewal
15 August 2023

City of Mount Gambier reminds animal owners that dog, cat and breeder registrations are due for renewal by Thursday 31 August 2023. Registrations are renewed through Dogs and Cats Online (DACO), South Australia's database for microchips, local council dog and cat and breeder registration.

Registration renewal notices have been sent out to all dog and cat owners.

“The notices prompt owners to re-register their animals via the DACO online system and check that their contact details are still current,” City of Mount Gambier Team Leader General Inspectorate Derek Ferguson said.

It is important to keep your contact details up to date. If your pet goes missing and is picked up by Council, we will scan it for a microchip, look up the number registered in the DACO system and then contact you.

“You can update your address, phone numbers or secondary contact during the renewal process or when you log into your owner account at any point in time. When you modify your personal details, your pet records (microchip and council registration) which are linked to your account will automatically update.”

Registration fees contribute to the cost of animal management staff to support the collection and return of stray animals to owners (including training and equipment). In addition, registration contributes to the cost of programs and initiatives outlined in Council’s Dog and Cat Management Plan.

“The fees fund community services and facilities such as dog parks, dog poo bags, dispensers and bins, the management of pound and shelter facilities, the review of nuisance complaints such as barking complaints, cat and dog trespassing complaints, wandering and stray animals and attending to and investigating dog attack/bite incidents.”

Council has sent out an email reminder to renew registration/s and will also issue an SMS reminder to all pet owners.

“To avoid late fees and fines, please make sure you register your animals by 31 August 2023.”

“A $25 late fee will be applied to all overdue registrations from 1 September 2023 and a $170 fine will be issued to all those who have not renewed their registration from 15 September 2023,” Mr Ferguson said.

If you have not received your registration renewal notice, please contact Council's customer service team to update your details on (08) 8721 2555.

Media contact: City of Mount Gambier Media and Communications Coordinator Sharny McLean on 0413 798 327 or