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Five By-Laws up for public comment

Five By-Laws up for public comment
16 March 2018

The City of Mount Gambier is undertaking public consultation on five proposed By-Laws to replace existing By-Laws which will expire on 1 January 2019.

By-Laws enable Council to regulate activities within the Council area that are not specifically addressed by other legislative and regulatory provisions.

The proposed By-Laws that form part of this public consultation process are:

By-Law No. 1 – Permits and Penalties 2018 A By-Law to create a permit system for Council By-laws, to fix maximum and continuing penalties for offences, and to clarify the construction of Council By-laws.

By-Law No. 2 – Local Government Land 2018 A By-Law to manage and regulate the access to and use of Local Government land (other than roads) and foreshore areas.

By-Law No. 3 – Roads By-law 2018 A By-Law to manage, control and regulate certain activities on roads in the Council’s area.

By-Law No. 4 – Moveable Signs 2018 A By-Law to set standards for moveable signs on roads and to provide conditions for the placement of such signs for the purpose of protecting visual amenity and public safety.

By-Law No. 5 – Dogs 2018 A By-Law to limit the number of dogs kept on premises and for the management and control of dogs in the Council’s area.

Copies of the proposed By-Laws are available for public inspection during ordinary office hours at the Council’s main office located at 10 Watson Terrace, Mount Gambier.

Members of the public are invited to provide written comment in respect of the proposed By-Laws that may be made by post, in person to the Council’s main office, or by email to before close of business on Friday 6 April 2018.

Council will consider submissions received and it is anticipated that the replacement By-Laws will be adopted and published in the SA Government Gazette mid-year June/August 2018.

The replacement By-Laws will commence four months after they are gazetted.

For further information please contact City of Mount Gambier City Growth General Manager Dr Judy Nagy at

Please view the By-Law Review FAQ for further information.