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Election Caretaker Policy
From 6 September until 12 November 2022, the City of Mount Gambier is operating in an election caretaker period. Our online presence will be altered in accordance with Caretaker Policy. All Council content posted on this website is Authorised by City of Mount Gambier CEO Sarah Philpott, 10 Watson Terrace, Mount Gambier SA.

Interested in nominating for Council Elections?

Interested in nominating for Council Elections?
15 August 2022

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Are you thinking about nominating for the upcoming Council Elections? City of Mount Gambier and District Council of Grant are holding candidate information sessions.

To be on council, you should be passionate about your local community, be keen to learn and willing to contribute to strategic decisions for your local area.

The City of Mount Gambier and District Council of Grant are holding two information sessions, providing potential candidates with a brief overview of local government.

You will hear:

The election timetable

  • What to expect as a Councillor or Mayor
  • What to expect if elected
  • Nomination process and timing
  • Advice and experience of a former Councillor

The sessions are scheduled as follows:

5:30pm Thursday 18 August 2022
Riddoch Arts and Cultural Centre
1 Bay Road, Mount Gambier

12:30pm Wednesday 24 August 2022
Council Chamber, District Council of Grant
324 Commercial Street West, Mount Gambier

Nominations for the 2022 Councils Elections open on Tuesday 23 August and close at 12:00pm, Tuesday 6 September.

As a council member, you can help create a future that you and your community can be proud of and enjoy.

Authorised by Sarah Philpott, CEO, 10 Watson Terrace Mount Gambier SA 5290