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Microchip your pet by 30 June

Microchip your pet by 30 June
25 May 2018

Following changes to the Dog and Cat Management Act, from 1 July 2018, all dogs and cats must be microchipped. All new generations of dogs and cats (born after 1 July 2018) must also be desexed with exemptions to apply for working dogs and registered breeders.

“While the new desexing requirement only affects dogs and cats born after 1 July 2018, all dogs and cats must be microchipped by this date,” City of Mount Gambier General Inspectorate Derek Ferguson said.

Microchipping is a safe and permanent way to identify dogs and cats. The procedure is quick, with no ongoing discomfort and can only be carried out by a trained, authorised implanter.

“Council and Grant District Council has been working with local trained and authorised organisations who will offer pet owners heavily discounted microchipping rates in June.”

Pet owners are encouraged to contact one of the following businesses/organisations to book an appointment:

South East Vets(08) 8725 5855
Blue Lake Vets(08) 8723 9111
Gambier Vets(08) 8725 8333
PETstock(08) 8725 3327
South East Animal Welfare League(08) 8723 9133

“The registration and microchip details will then need to be entered into a new online portal designed streamline dog and cat management in South Australia, replacing the 68 individual Council registers from 1 July 2018,” Mr Ferguson said.

The Dogs and Cats Online system is a one-stop online service for all registration payments, microchipping and breeder information and is accessible 24/7, including on mobile devices. It allows pet owners to instantly update registration or microchip details if they move house or change phone numbers, and pay annual Council registration fees.

“The changes are designed to increase the likelihood of lost or impounded dogs and cats being reunited with their owners, and reduce the number of unwanted and abandoned litters euthanised in pounds and shelters.”

Pet owners will receive their registration renewal in mid July 2018 from Dogs and Cats online. It will contain a new lifetime dog identification number and tag.

“To use the Dogs and Cats Online system, go to from July 1 2018, click ‘Renew Registration’ and enter the renewal code and your surname as provided on the front of your Registration Renewal notice,” Mr Ferguson said.

Residents who don’t have access to the online portal from July 1 2018, can visit the Civic Centre at 10 Watson Terrace, Mount Gambier and a customer service officer will help to complete the online process.

If you have questions about microchipping, desexing and the DACO portal please see the Dog and Cats Online (DACO) FAQ

For further information please contact City of Mount Gambier Media and Communications Coordinator Sharny McLean on 8721 2401 or