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Rail Trail now home to praying mantids sculpture

Rail Trail now home to praying mantids sculpture
23 October 2019

Praying mantids by Ivo Tadic 1

The Mount Gambier Rail Trail is now home to a praying mantids sculpture by renowned local artist Ivo Tadic. Funded in part by the City of Mount Gambier Creative Arts Fund the sculpture aims to add colour and interest to the section of the trail between Sturt Street and Harrald Street opposite the Hellenic Hall.

Constructed from a balanced combination of limestone and steel, the sculpture is the result of many months work by the artist and was transported to the site last week for installation.

“So far the feedback has been really positive, during the installation we had many residents stop to praise the sculpture,” artist Ivo Tadic said.

The Creative Arts Fund encourages projects and provides opportunities that make a positive contribution to the City and demonstrates consistency with outcomes from Council's Community Plan.

“Many of the people that stopped to look at the work said they were pleased that Council has initiated some works on the walking trail.”

While claiming there could be many interpretations of the piece Mr Tadic says the work is simply two insects in an interactive pose.

Interpret it however you wish, it can symbolise many things however I created this piece because I like insects and they are a foundational layer of our ecosystem.
- Artist Ivo Tadic

The choice of colours and materials for the piece was inspired by the natural environment and was designed to ensure the sculpture fits in with the surrounding environment.

“Limestone is an important feature in our regional identity and the use of this material and natural colours ensures the piece sits well in this location.”

“The use of limestone is also good for tourism and opens the opportunity for a sculpture trail to be developed as a tourist attraction,” Mr Tadic said.

Riddoch Art Gallery Director and Manager Arts and Culture Melentie Pandilovski has been working with the artist for many months and is pleased the concept has come to fruition.

“I believe the completed artwork is of a lasting value, quality and artistic merit that will enhance City of Mount Gambier’s public art collection,” Dr Pandilovski said.

The 2019/2020 Creative Arts Fund will be launched soon with details currently being finalised.

“We’re currently putting the final touches on the guidelines for the 2019/2020 program and we hope to be able to open applications in the coming weeks so anyone interested should keep an eye on the Council website for more information.”

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