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Taxi Regulation

Taxi Regulation
21 February 2018

The City of Mount Gambier is reviewing its By-Laws which will expire on 1 January 2019. A report was considered by Council at its monthly meeting on Tuesday 20 February 2018 that five replacement By-Laws be endorsed before public consultation is undertaken.

The legislation that permitted Council to make a sixth By-Law, the current Taxi By-Law, was repealed by State Parliament on 31 March 2016. Therefore, the Taxi Regulation By-Law cannot be replaced.

Following a deputation made by Perri-Anne Rasmussen at the meeting, Council resolved:

That the repeal of the last remaining provisions of the Local Government Act 1934 having removed the legal basis for Council’s Taxi By-Law and Taxi Licensing scheme, that:

• Council’s Taxi Licensing scheme will cease after 31 December 2018, and
• The Council administration liaise with current licensed Taxi Operators and the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure for the transition of Taxi Operators to an unlicensed regime as operates across the rest of the State of South Australia.
• Council supports the local and wider taxi industry to lobby the State Government for improved state wide regulation and oversight of regional taxi services. Such support might occur as part of the transition up to and beyond 1 January 2019 if sought and supported by the local taxi industry.

The motion was moved by Cr Frank Morello and seconded by Cr Josh Lynagh and was carried.

Please view the Taxi By-Law FAQ for further information.