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Riddoch & Main Corner shift to digital programs

Riddoch & Main Corner shift to digital programs
07 April 2020

Lenny has been keeping busy at home doing Easter crafts courtesy of the 'Riddoch at Home' program.
Lenny has been keeping busy at home doing Easter crafts courtesy of the 'Riddoch at Home' program.

Faced with having to cancel all programs and close the doors due to COVID-19, The Riddoch and Main Corner Complex team have adapted to enable digital program delivery.

Dubbed ‘Riddoch at Home’, the new digital program will offer online craft workshops and access to templates, profiling of local artists, content shared from current exhibitions and the stories of the esteemed Riddoch collection.

'Riddoch at Home' is a new digital public program launched in response to the difficult circumstances we are now living through due to social distancing and isolation guidelines.
- Arts and Culture Development Officer Serena Wong

“We know in times of crisis and difficulty finding small things that can improve your current circumstances are not trivial.”

“Keeping your mind and body busy through creative endeavors are really central to maintaining some kind of equilibrium,” Ms Wong said.

Each week a different piece from the Riddoch collection is shared with online audiences and a local artist profiled via social media aimed at delivering the cultural complex’s programs to its regular following while affording exposure to the broader community.

Beginning with Easter-themed craft, staff have been working behind the scenes to create content for the online workshops, developing templates, instructions and pictures.

“The team have responded nimbly to the challenge of online programming, learning new online collaboration skills overnight to work together from our homes to create videos and digital content,” Main Corner Coordinator Talie Teakle said.

“There are also things like jewelry making, weaving and other kitchen table craft activities being planned that we look forward to bringing you from our homes to yours.”

“We are endeavoring to create positive content that can enrich your day in small or big ways because we recognise that it’s what a lot of people need right now as we face uncertain and difficult times,” Ms Teakle said.

‘Riddoch at Home’ programming can be accessed via the The Riddoch & Main Corner Complex social media channels and website at

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