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Community Strengthening Program

Certain types of projects will be given priority, these priority areas include:

  • Community project, community initiatives and/or the maintenance and improvement of community capital and community quality of life.
  • Projects which encourage the development of self-help activities, particularly those which represent new approaches to meeting community needs.
  • Projects which are concerned with the increasing community usage of local facilities. Funding for renovation, repair, equipment or programme development may be considered.
  • One off project which encourage people towards active participation in community services and activities.
  • Project indicating some evidence of general community benefit.
  • Projects that encourage the development of the community in which individuals and groups have access to facilities, programs and services.
  • Host organisations are locally based, not for profit and most importantly managed predominately by community volunteers.
  • The Councils knowledge of the local host organisation and the confidence that the council funds will be used wisely and for the purposes stated.

As a general rule, preference will be given to funding those groups showing a high incidence of self-help as evidenced by matching funds put towards the project/initiative by the group, which might be from its own resources or provided by service groups or the like.