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Our City. Our Response. City of Mount Gambier continues to review its response to COVID-19 in an effort to protect the community and lead towards a strong recovery.
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Animals and Pests FAQ


If bees are found on private property, the responsibility belongs to the owner of that property. Please contact Jeremy Butler on 0415 868 571 who will relocate the bees for a flat fee.

Please advise Council immediately on 8721 2555.

Please contact David Miles on 0409 280 837 who will relocate the snake.

Native Animals

If you have found a native animal that appears to be injured or orphaned, please contact ‘Friends of Native Wildlife’ on 0427 396 919.

If you have a kangaroo or wallaby in your area, it is recommended that you do not approach the animal or try and capture it, as it is likely this will encourage unpredictable behaviour. Usually they will find their own way out.